When done correctly, a high school class can be an enriching experience for anyone who takes it. Bringing in professionals with experience in a particular field, allowing students to gain experience in the field or taking other steps to make the class interactive enables students to get the most from their education. In what other ways can a high school class be enriching?

Simulate a Real World Situation
Clubs such as Model UN allow students to simulate the role played by the United Nations. Students from private schools can create resolutions, debate them in committee and then send them to the General Assembly for approval. The participants represent a specific country and are required to study the positions of that country on a variety of different issues. This helps a student learn about a different country and learn the causes behind many of the world's conflicts. 
Earn College Credit While on the Job
Schools may wish to partner with employers in the local area to provide work opportunities that may enhance what is being taught in the classroom. For example, a student taking a business management class may be able to shadow a manager or undertake the role of a manager during the school year or during the summer months. This helps a student apply what he or she learns in the classroom and understand why they are so important to know and understand. When students learn that the things that they are taught in the classroom matter, they are more likely to try harder in school. 

Work With Professionals and Gain Contacts Early 
Programs that allow students to work with professionals in the community may make it possible for those students to start networking early. In the business world, it is important to have as many quality contacts as possible. Those contacts could lead to increased job opportunities, increased changes for career advancement and a generally fulfilling career because you will work with those who share your values. In addition, it may be possible for the students to earn internships that could lead to a job after high school or college. 

High school programs can be an enriching academic experience for those who go through them. However, the school has to design it properly to enable students to learn as much as possible and get the long-term benefits of networking with others and applying what they learned in school in the real world.