Criminal lawyers exist. They're a certain breed. They're good on their feet. They're articulate. They go through a mountain of paperwork at the office that you'll never see on television. There are certain common threads that are seen in every expert criminal DUI lawyer Toronto at

Question Authority
One of the best practices of expert criminal DUI lawyers is to always question authority on every case. In criminal law, each and every count of the charging instrument references a statute. A prosecutor may be quick to charge, but statutes are subject to interpretation. Expert criminal lawyers question statutes by breaking down their language and intent. As quickly as that prosecutor charges, expert criminal lawyers might make that charge go away by prevailing on their interpretation of it. Then suddenly, the client is charged with a lesser offense or no offense at all.

Maintain Credibility
An expert criminal lawyer also maintains high credibility. Although they question facts, they won't misrepresent them. Misrepresenting facts only prejudices their client and every other client they'll have against that particular prosecutor for months to come. That will include the judge too should the judge learn of it. Everybody's job is a little bit easier, and the morning is a little brighter when credible defense counsel walks in the courtroom. Judges and prosecutors know defense counsel is good and they respect that. They also know they're not going to be lied to. High credibility maintains a level playing field. High credibility is built through years of experience and no defense lawyer known as an expert is going to risk their credibility.

Well Reasoned Presentations
Criminal lawyers have to think and articulate on their feet. That's an incredibly difficult job in a courtroom full of people on a high profile case. The expert criminal lawyer doesn't dazzle with brilliance. He's that guy down at the end of the bar with a burger and a beer watching the Sox game. She might be the woman at the table with the shoppping bags and her friends after they've hit a sale. They're the ordinary people, but highly educated and experienced. They fit in anywhere. Judges and juries understand them.