Anyone interested in beginning a therapist career has many options concerning their specialty area of school based occupational therapy jobs. There are therapy careers that focus on assisting clients with either mental or physical health problems. Individuals wanting to work as a therapist must attend a university to learn the skills necessary to legally work in this job occupation. In addition, each state may have licensing regulations that include having a bachelor’s degree and completing a test with an appropriate score. A therapist is responsible for helping clients to recover after a traumatic emotional or physical event. The professionals working in therapist jobs must enjoy working directly with clients in individualized or group situations. 

Mental Health

One of the most popular therapist careers in the United States is a mental health therapist who helps clients deal with issues such as anxiety, grief and substance abuse. Clients having difficulty coping with everyday problems or traumatic events should seek a therapist with specific training. Most therapists specialize in providing services for particular issues such as troubled marriages, low self-esteem or manic depression. Each client requires an individualized plan to learn new coping skills such as cognitive behavioral therapy for daily living. Clients may also require medications for mental health difficulties, including anxiety or depression. In many cases, a therapist works in a facility with psychiatrists who can prescribe medications. 


Improving Dementia

Therapist careers are often combined with other subjects to help clients improve their mental health. This has led to therapists using art, animals and dancing to help clients release emotions or reduce stress. Senior citizens with dementia conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease living in a nursing home require a variety of mentally stimulating activities, leading to having therapeutic sessions that include petting dogs, sculpting with clay or learning how to dance. While the individuals living in an assisted living facility may not have a mental illness, professional therapy is vital for improving their brain’s functions. Alternatively, individuals of any age can enjoy these therapeutic techniques to improve mental health. 

Physical Health

Schools frequently have therapists to provide therapies for students who are experiencing learning difficulties or personal traumas. Students may visit a room in a school that contains equipment designed to stimulate motor functions while a therapist supervises activities. In addition, a therapy career can focus primarily on a client’s physical problems due to a chronic health condition such as rheumatoid arthritis or sudden problems such as having a stroke. Physical and occupational therapists often work together to help patients recover from injuries that affect moving body parts or the brain. Therapists working with injured individuals create plans to teach clients how to use a wheelchair or prosthetic device.